Product of Your Environment

by A Will Away

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released 01 December 2012

All music recorded in Shelton, CT at Endeavor Audio.
Mixing and Mastering by Ivan Fiallos - Endeavor Audio

Thanks to all of our families, friends, and fans for support on this record. Truly would not exist without you.



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Track Name: Sobriety vs. Massachusetts
You watched me fall.
I'm wide awake and my mistake was letting you in at all.
Track Name: Set Fire
Set fire, you take the lead.

Letting go of the words you said,
I'm a mess and I'm stuck inside my head.
For every moment of clarity,
We chose ignorance instead.

I think we both learned a lot,
I think we both need to let go.
I think I learned how to stop,
I think I've already let go.
I'd always swore that I'd catch myself If I ever played your game.

Set fire, you take the lead.

Watch me walk away (I'll watch you walk away)
You don't know how to make it all okay (I swear I'm fine)
But you're the type that makes me want to stay,
Yeah, you're the type that makes me want to change.

I swear I'm fine.
You're out of line.
We're out of time.
(Letting go of the words you said)
Track Name: The Garden State
See I'll fight it all, the life that I've known.
I'll find god at the bottom of this liquor bottle,
and drag myself home.
I'll take a stand and push who I am,
right on out of the picture,
cause' I'd still be with her if I'd had a plan.

I'm sorry, but I'm just trying to get by.
And you haunt me with that look in your eyes.

The stupidity it must take to leave your pity with a fool like me.
And I'll confess I'm not distressed as I wash my hands of this mess,
and you wash your hands of me.

I leave, my expectations at the door.
While you, you make jokes of my words like you've heard them before.

We lost it all (We lost it all)
When will you learn to let this go?
The whole time you watched me break and my mistake was letting it show.

And I'm sorry, but I'm just trying to get by.
And you haunt me with that look in your eyes.
Track Name: All New and Logical
I'll be your silent sin
I'll be your reason for wanting, your reason to live
And I'll know, the pain inside your eyes
I see your patience and raise you one silent demise

Show some respect when I'm still second guessing
On my absentee ballot for the way that you've left
But I,
Won't say goodbye in a hurry
Right in turn with your worries

But I know
Where you've been
'cause I've been tracing your footsteps
From where they began
And you are the voice inside my head
That keeps pulling me in
Keeps pulling me in

Let me in but pull me out
When my behavior has you filling with doubt
And your resistance has come and gone
Who knew your life would mean so much to me?
Without it I can barely breathe
and yet I am still staggering away from you with gritted teeth
But I
Won't admit my faults until you do

You are the worst thing, that I've ever seen
Awake from this town; and I can't believe that
Track Name: For the Love of the Chase
Where have you gone love?
Can I find you in his arms?
I'm not suggesting that he'd cause you any harm
But you've got lines to speak, and tears to weep;
and miles to go before you're weak
unlike me

And you say, you can drive yourself back home
And I ask you "If I run would you ever stop me?"

There's a whole world out there with your name on it once you accept
You can go out there and place your claim on it,
Once you promise to love me to death
And I know you're not sold, but I know we're (you're) getting old
But empty hearts don't make good art; they just make you cold
Track Name: Reachers and Settlers
Let's get those hands together for my latest amusement
Latest confusion won't produce the same results
'cause she wears her hair down and I sing this whole town to sleep every night and tuck them in tight so
They never have to wonder

Are you happy being honest?
Are you happy with the truth?
Are you happy coming last in line with everything that's new?
'cause I am not reacting
And I cannot pretend
That screaming 'till my lungs bleed and crying 'till I can't see
Have become my latest trends

Let's have a moment to mourn the loss of our senses
and pray that they come back around
'cause they give us our rhyme and our reasons
When we're changing in sync with the seasons
It can make it hard to hold our ground
Track Name: Listen
I'm sorry for my actions
For those whom it may concern
But I'm finding out the hard way that I'm closer to my turn
Than I thought I'd be
It's hard to see I'll be older and sober with time to breathe
Until then, I'm losing my will to dream

So listen for that sound, when you're on your way down
Don't fall for me
Don't call for me
And when I'm underground no we can't be too loud
Or they'll hear us coming up from the crowd

And I was looking for peace while I'm in pieces
Grinding my teeth, I'm trying to reach it
But I can't lie to myself (no I can't lie to myself)
So try to breathe if I'm not by your side
I saw you selfish and you saw me blind
But I swear I'm doing fine (I'm sure you're doing fine)
I swear I'm doing fine

I feel your words like a prison
Like my shackles they slow me down
No time to make my decision
I can doubt all I want but I have to think it's true
That I will wait for you

So listen for that sound, when you're on your way down
Don't fall for me
Don't call for me
And when I'm underground no we can't be too loud
Or they'll hear us coming up from the crowd
(a gun is no use without ammunition and if I was you I would have dropped it in the first place. None of this was ever my intention with your finger on the trigger and the words you failed to say)

It's no use
(It's no use)
Track Name: We'll Cross That Bridge When We Come To It
Well you've got a long road filled with answers I don't know
and gun to my head, I'm better off dead than just letting you go
and I'm making things worse when I'm speaking without verse
so give me a chance to reset my stance
and find me a new soul

But you've got those eyes that I've seen for years
and you've got that smile that brings me to tears
and there's a voice inside my head that says that I am doing right for me
but I can't see that

Suddenly you're the anchor that keeps me close to shore
and I can't believe that
I'm breaking your chain and drifting away
Without a care without a prayer I say

There seems to be loneliness in virtue
Seems like there's good in losing me
Seems like there's heaviness to weightlessness
and that there's strength in disbelief
I know there's irony in all of this but that it all is lost on me
But I've got a plan to lay down my hand
And make it so everyone can see

I'll close my eyes and say goodnight
We'll cross our arms and learn to fly
At least we still know this is real
and we're still alive
(we're still breathing, and believing, we're still dreaming)